Lismore Target Rifle Club


  • Saturday 7th October 1Pm > Practice Shoot.
  • Saturday 21st October 1Pm    > Full Silhouette Shoot.
  • We are operating normally on Wednesday nights; and the 1st and 3rd Saturdays for members and people making enquiries about our sport. Both Covid-19 vaccinated and un-vaccinated people are now able to attend the range in line with many other sporting events. However please do not attend the range if you have Flue like symptoms or are feeling unwell.
  • The 1st and 3rd Saturday's of the month will now be a mix of Target Bench Rest practice and  Silhouette Target Shooting practice. The start time of a Saturday is 1PM.
  • On Wednesdays we shoot both bench rest and prone at 50 metre paper targets and these events are shot of an evening under lights. The start time for Wednesday's is 6:30PM arrival to help setup the range and then we start shooting. Depending on the numbers wishing to shoot we may have a 2nd squad of a Wednesday night.
  • The Range  is available to both fully licensed shooters and unlicensed (P650) trainee shooters. All people attending the range are required to sign the NSW Firearms attendance record which is kept just inside the range entry door.
  • Target shooting will be every Wednesday night and the Saturdays as nominated.
  • The Range is open on the 1st and 3rd Saturday's 1:00PM and we will continue to do this if there is enough interest. The Rifle Range will not open on long weekends that involve a NSW Public Holiday.
  • If unsure on the weather please check with the Club Captain before traveling to the range.
  • Membership fees are always due the 1st January and you will need to renew your membership before shooting.  New shooters can try the sport if they can comply with the P650 requirements.
  • Our Monday Night shoots have been postponed until further notice due to lack of attendance. As stated above we  are now practice Shooting Silhouette's on the Saturday's nominated above.


Wednesday Nights Bench Rest - Best Target Shoot this Year, > score 200 with 15 centers. Click on the PHOTO for a closer look.

Wednesday Nights Bench Rest - 5 Shot practice at 50 Meters.

Wednesday Nights Bench Rest - Targets setup and ready.

Wednesday Nights Bench Rest - 20 minutes for sighter's and to complete 20 scoring shots; one in each target.

  • (Updated 28-09-2023)

How do I join

Visit the rifle range when it is in use on a Wednesday nights (6:45 pm) or one of the nominated Saturdays at 1Pm and talk to the range officer. All visitors are welcome and the only obligation is that you sign the visitors book.

Firearms training & testing

The Club provides Firearms Training and Testing on behalf of the NSW Firearms Registry.

How old do you have to be

Children over the age of 12 years can participate but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What type of members do we have

Senior, Junior, Pensioner, Family and Social Members.


There is a yearly membership fee, which varies dependant on the membership type. There is also a fee whenever the range is used. Once set up in the sport the other on going cost is the .22 standard ammunition you use.

Club funding

The club is a non-profit club and the running cost is met from the range fees and a small portion of the membership fee. The majority of the membership goes to our affiliated body, the NSW Small Bore Rifle and Air Rifle Association; and Target Rifle Australia which coordinates the sport throughout Australia and provides the local clubs with Insurance cover.

Expectation of members

Club members are expected to operate in a safe manner and follow the range rules and instruction from the range officer. A requirement of the firearms regulations is that a member must attend the range a minimum of 4 times a year. Apart from this we attend the range for the enjoyment of the sport. The club operates by voluntary contributions of the members and will only continue to operate while members are prepared to assist. Members are elected/volunteer to positions for a 12-month term at the Annual General Meeting held the 3rd Tuesday in February. General meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday in the Month. We expect members to attend some meetings, consider filling a position within the club and participate in the operation of the club.

Club history

The Club has a long history in the Lismore district and was first established at the Lismore Showground in 1963 with only five shooting bays. The Club moved to Tuncester in 1970 and the range has been continuously improved to its present standard. It now has twelve shooting bays on a well-kept range. Target distances vary from 35 to 90 meters.

Lismore & Northern Region championships

This competition shoot is held the second weekend in November and is attended by club shooters from Queensland and NSW. Like wise members from our club attends shoots in these neighboring districts.

The sport

Gives people in the Lismore area the opportunity to participate in several different shooting disciplines that are contested at the range. These are all shot with a .22 rifle and include Silhouette, 50 Metre Target and 50 Metre Bench Rest. The best time to visit the club is around 6:30 pm Wednesdays.


The rifle range and clubhouse is located about 5kms out of Lismore on the Kyogle road. Turn left into Rifle Range Road (Big Factory & Car Wreckers). The Club is 490 meters on the right hand side of Rifle Range Road. Turn right across the grid into the range and left across a second grid into the car park


Derek Cassar
PH 02 66282082 a/h